Bringing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to everyone!

Tech Used

- React Native
- Android Studio
- XCode
- Framer Motion
- Google Firebase
- Expo
- Lottie
- Adobe Illustrator, XD, & After Effects

What Is Mindflip?

I was teaching 4th and 5th grade as a student missionary and became very depressed throughout the year. Shortly after arriving back in the states I attended a depression recovery program where I was taught ways to combat depression. One of the ways I was taught was called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In as short of a description I can use, it is a method in which you identify your false thinking in order to replace them with better thoughts. This can help your reactions to all kinds of situations, and if used correctly can dramatically improve depression.

MindFlip is my personal project that i’ve been conceptualizing since attending the depression recovery program. My therapist was having me write down my false thoughts and correct them on flash cards. I thought this was a bit archaic, and wanted to allow people to write down their false thoughts right when they happen. In order to do this, I needed to make an app.

Mindflip teaches you briefly what CBT is and how you can use it effectively in the app. You set goals to achieve like: writing down 4 cards a week. The cards are there for you to review whenever and you can mark the cards and completed when you believe you no longer need them on your stack.

The app was originally built for android, but I soon realized that I didn’t want to only have an android app. I started the next build using React Native, which builds for both iOS and Android concurrently. For the backend I am using Firebase for authentication, user data storage, setting preferences, notifications, password management etc..

What did I do?

  • Well in this case, I did everything. There was no team helping me, hopefully one day I have someone helping me though! Contact me if you’d like to help!


This is the current state of the application with most of the features listed above. I am currently in the process of redesigning and adding more features.

MindFlip Application MindFlip Application

This is what the application redesign will look like once it is complete!

MindFlip Application MindFlip Application MindFlip Application

Here is my notifications function and proof that it sends notifications! My friends that are currently tewsting the application get a notification a day and yes it keeps the doctor away!

MindFlip Application MindFlip Application