Re-Engineering wig caps for people of color.

Tech Used

- React
- Next JS
- Vercel
- Framer Motion
- SendGrid

What is Slaystainable

Slaystainable Website

Slaystainable is a black owned beauty company that is focusing on creating sustainable wig caps from a patented biodegradable nylon made from beans. The current wig caps are not high quality enough to meet users demands and are marketed towards the minority of people that use them (white people being that minority).

Here are a few articles written about the business and the awards that it has won.

  1. Syracuse University Article
  2. BlackStone LaunchPad Article

Koi Munyua (CEO) describes Slaystainable as “re-engineering wig caps for women of color and the environment”

So what did I do?

  • I am the the technical advisor for the company.
  • I designed and set up website to showcase some of the current features and drive interest.
  • I created a mailing list that automatically send emails to both the owner and the user that is interested once they sign up to be notified about the future of the company.
  • The email form was done by creating a backend api with next js to send an email two different email templates from sendgrid to each party based on the suer types.


Slaystainables landing page

Slaystainable landing page.

Email interest form with succesful submission.

Slaystainable email form

Email that users get onces they fill out the interest form.

Slaystainable email that customers recieve