USA Link iOS

A dealer app for USA Central Station

Tech Used

- Swift
- Objective C
- XCode

What is USA Link?

USA Link iOS is an application designed for USA Central Station for their technicians and dealers to be able to have access to all their accounts while they are in the field. As a central station they give this app to the Alarm dealers as a part of their package. This application is meant to control large amount of sensitive data about accounts. Usually only trusted employees will have access to this application and the log in associated.

USA Link provides access to all account information and account editing features that an alarm dealer may have under their account, as well as the ability to add new accounts and manage existing account in other ways.

What did I do?

  • Updated the look and feel of the application and updated it to new swift standards.
  • Implemented chat history feature by adding USA connect app in webview right in the app. This required domain authentication with apple and anytime a* link is clicked, it will open right into the USA Link Application.
  • Re Formatted and fixed bugs with the chat history view. As well as addd new indicators to the table view items based on their status.
  • Added search feature to the home screen so that users can search through all their accounts with ease.
  • Created the App Store listing.


Here you can see the history view with all signals and indicators that were implimented to allow users to get a high level view of what the signal type is and what data is associated with the history item.

MindFlip Application

This is the home screen and the account search feature that I added, as well as the new refreshed design look and icons.

MindFlip Application

The USA Link App store listing that I designed.

MindFlip Application